Finally, a solution for Tom

So finally, God has helped us through the dilemma. We have convinced Tom that he should study in India. He has accepted it though he is a bit broken-hearted. Now, we are just waiting for his results and admission, confident that God will see it through. "My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my … Continue reading Finally, a solution for Tom


Judging others

I have this very bad habit of commenting on other people's behaviour. I have faced situations where people put up appearances. What they feel in their heart are not what they present outwardly. I used to trust them, but when their hypocrisy came to light, I started to distrust everyone. Now I keep wondering if … Continue reading Judging others

Habit of prayer – a blessing

Just wanted to share the below article on Prayer by Bob Hostetler that I read on Guideposts. Most of it applies to me. I admit that there are days when I say a hurried prayer. However, on days when I take the time to pray with my whole heart, I experience an immense sense of peace and … Continue reading Habit of prayer – a blessing

Too stressed out to study

My daughter, Rose is in the 12th grade now. She has plenty to study since she has to obtain good marks to get into a good college. She has been relentlessly working hard most of the time the past two years and has been under a lot of stress. Then last week she slowed down … Continue reading Too stressed out to study

It’s the heart that matters

Recently I heard comments from three people saying that I look older than my sister. My sister is 2 years older than me, but thinner, fairer and taller. I, on the other hand, have a health condition called Fibromyalgia which makes me easily exhausted and causes swellings while the medicines make me gain wait. On … Continue reading It’s the heart that matters

God’s Answer

This assurance keeps us all going forward bravely trusting that God will carry us through any situation, however hard.


There is an old story, retold by Hugh Prather, in which a man was allowed to see his life at his death, symbolized as steps along a sandy shore. He noticed two sets of footprints during much of the walk, but from time to time noticed only one set, and it occurred to him that these were his most trying times. Why, he asked God, did you desert me when times were tough? God responded, “Yes, it is true that I walked beside you throughout life, holding your hand. But when there was only one set of footprints, that was when I was carrying you.”

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